Tri-fold Effects of Sin

Whether we wish to call it short-comings, faults, mistakes, or accidents, the most direct name given to our daily “transgression of the law” (being the law of God) is labeled appropriately by God as sin.

Sin is so common is our daily lives, whether inwardly among ourselves or outwardly plastered all over in the actions and advertisements of others, we seem to grow somewhat accustomed to it and fail to understand its total disgust to the eyes of a Holy God. Until we come to the realization of just how bad sin is and how corrupt man is because of it, how can we truly ever understand and acknowledge just how marvelous and wonderful the gift of salvation really is?

When we choose to sin as a professing Christian, I believe then cometh the Tri-fold Effects of Sin:

[1] Fellowship Broken With Self
This may appear to sound awkward at first, but consider that Paul tells us that we are to follow the spirit and not the flesh to sin anymore. We are told that in salvation our spirits have been quickened (made alive), and that we should no more live after the flesh. Knowing also that the wages of sin is death, we should live after the spirit which is the new man in Christ. When we choose sin over righteousness, we are turning out backs on the new man to follow the ways of the old man, sowing corruption to our flesh and hindering the growth of our spirit; breaking fellowship with the new man within us.

[2] Fellowship Broken With God
By giving into our flesh and choosing to enjoy sin for a season over the joys of righteousness which shall last forever, we are breaking fellowship with the very God who loved us enough to send His Son Jesus Christ to save us from sin and His Spirit which dwells in us to keep us from sin. Choosing sin over righteousness is telling Christ that we desire such wickedness over the holiness found within Him. Holding on to sin in one hand and Christ in the other is not having fellowship with God. Repentance of sin, returning to that which is right in the eyes of God brings fellowship with the Almighty.

[3] Fellowship Broken With Others
When we are out of fellowship with God and not abiding within the proper Christian character which a regenerate person should desire and possess, there is no way that we can have the proper fellowship with other believers or non-believers. If we have chosen not to adhere to the Words of God or the Spirit which dwells in us which desires to move our spirits to do right, how then can we be conscious of the needs of others around us? Choosing sin over righteousness causes us to lose sight of the fellowship we should have with fellow believers in Christ, and the need of Jesus Christ to those which believe not. A loss of testimony is sure to follow, should we love sin over righteousness.

Any dabble in sin can throw our entire Christian walk out of balance, causing us to break fellowship with everything we know but the sin itself. Are the pleasures of sin for a season really worth the broken fellowship it brings? Consider thy ways Christian. In whose fellowship do you wish to partake?

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