"Mayday, Mayday!"

As we find ourselves in May, I can’t help but think of “mayday, mayday” the “emergency code word used internationally as a distress signal in voice procedure radio communications.”

As you know, we just returned from our young people taking part in State Bible Drills in Pineville at Louisiana College. They did a great job, conducting themselves in a mature manner, representing well Fellowship Baptist Church. We appreciate their discipline to study and memorize the Scriptures, along with the faithfulness of the teachers, families, and church members with all of their support and encouragement.

Though our young people are being taught the Word of God, and give themselves over to the studying and reading thereof, there are many in our neighborhoods, work places, cities, and state that simply do not know Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The word mayday “derives from the French venez m'aider, meaning 'come to my aid'/’come [to] help me.’” The problem is, most (if not all) sinners are not even calling out “mayday, mayday” as they fall deeper into sin, and further from the gospel call of Jesus Christ. Lost sinners simply don’t usually run around calling out to Christians to help them spiritually. Sure, they may ask for wants or physical needs, but how many lost persons have found their way to you or stumbled in to church by themselves without first being invited or introduced to such aforetime?

A source I read claims, “Mayday calls can be made on any frequency, and when a mayday call is made no other radio traffic is permitted except to assist in the emergency. A mayday call may only be made when life or craft is in imminent danger of death or destruction.”

Dear friends, I can’t express enough how important it is that we stay focused on the things of God, mindful of His Word, and sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit. Every lost soul “is in imminent danger of death or destruction.” We are to be a light to this dark world, allowing Christ to shine through us. Meaning, we should always be ready to give witness to His marvelous work of salvation to any repentant soul who chooses to place faith in Christ.

When the Spirit moves upon that lost soul, and we find ourselves confronted with their distress call of “What must I do to be saved” are we ready “to assist in the emergency?” Have we hid His Word in our hearts and are we in tune with the Spirit, whereby we may know the signs of a convicted heart, ready to repent, regardless of what fashion (“on any frequency”) it may come? Pray that God would bind the devil to have “no other radio traffic” while the gospel message is presented to this lost and dying world.

As always, let us continually pray for one another.

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