Make a Joyful Noise unto God

The Scripture is full of verses asking us to Make a Joyful Noise unto God, with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs of praise, not only to ourselves but also to others.

There is probably not a Christian that would object to such teaching from Scripture, even from those which may not sing aloud themselves while sitting in the pews during worship services.

The thing I would like to ponder is the idea of children verses adult singing specials in the church. In fact, I’ll just come right out and ask the question:

Why do we accept and applaud a child that sings a special, though it may be off key, but seem to dare not let an adult sing that does not have the “voice of angels”?

Is it simply because they “look cute” and the adult may not? I know that sounds silly, but it appears this is indeed the reasoning behind it. I mean, what else could be justifiable reason to allow a child that does not have the prefect voice to sing, but not the adult?

Should not the underlying factor be the heart of the person desiring to sing? “Why do you want to sing a special in church?” should be the question we ask, not make them audition for a singing solo. Am I wrong to think this way? I heard a pastor once say, “Sometimes the only reason people want to sing specials in church is because they can’t sing anywhere else.” Meaning self gratification is the reasoning behind it, and not the love for God.

Consider the child that sings, or wishes to: Is it truly their heart wanting to glorify God by their praise to Him in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, or is it their parents which desire to see their child upon the stage in church bringing notice more to their child’s voice (a talent from God) than to God Himself?

Indeed, we can become too legalistic in trying to peer into each heart before we allow them to sing within our churches, but have we not done so by allowing talent to judge whether one is worthy to sing unto God within the church service?

Now, with this said, I am not against special music in church and most often enjoy it, so I am not saying that we need to cast out special music in church but to allow each heart the opportunity to sing praise unto God. I say, “Let the children sing unto to Lord, but hinder not the heart of the adult who wishes to Make a Joyful Noise unto God.”

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