Just How Thankful Are You?

Coming this Thursday, actually tomorrow, many will be celebrating the holiday we call Thanksgiving here in America.

The meaning behind the title, Just How Thankful Are You, is meant to allow you, the reader, to ponder to yourself what you may be thankful of.

I think too often we spend most of our year considering the things that we are not thankful for, meaning the things we dislike or wish we could change, etc. How often do we actually take a moment to just enjoy a fresh thought toward all of the many blessings in our lives to be thankful for?

What if we could enjoy the entire day, the whole twenty-four hours, of tomorrow expressing our thoughts and appreciation for whatever we are thankful for? How about we refuse to allow anything besides that which we are indeed thankful for to creep in and take over our day of Thanksgiving? Some may say, “that is impossible,” but I assume we could at least try. I completely realize there may be those that are suffering from physical, emotional, and spiritual problems at this very time, but surely even you have something to be thankful of.

Is there not something we can all be thankful for? Is there not someone we can all be thankful for? Should we not be thankful for the good things we are able to enjoy here in America, compared to some of the other countries, or compared to how it could be?

Forget what you dislike about America, things, and persons that you may come in contact with on a daily basis, and choose this coming Thanksgiving to enjoy those things which you are thankful for.

To spend Thanksgiving complaining and sorrowing about those things which we do not have or dislike seems like a waste of the purpose of the holiday.

Enjoy Thanksgiving!

You have a whole year to complain about what you are not thankful for!

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