Spiritual Immigration

Today I would like to discuss the idea of Spiritual Immigration from a person without God, to a person of God. We understand Christianity is so-called, because it is made of persons who are called Christians, meaning they have put faith in Christ Jesus for forgiveness of sins unto salvation, and should desire to be Christ-like. So, although the context shall remain in Christianity, I would ask for the moment to dismiss the idea of denominations, for I would assume that any Christian denomination agrees that a person is either without God, or is of God (meaning Christ has saved them).

As a lost man, we are out of fellowship with God, living in our sin, and have no desire for the things of God. We are happy to do our own thing, and make our way upon this earth without adhering to what is written in Scripture. There may be times that we feel sorry, may even try to live by what Christian things we have heard, and may even try church for a while, but soon find ourselves pushing it all aside once more to do what we find pleasing in our own hearts and minds.

One day, whether at home, work, church, or merely anywhere one finds themselves, they come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit of their sin and need of Christ as Savior. By grace, they put their faith in Jesus Christ, repenting of sin, as they are converted from a place out of fellowship with God, to a place of being in fellowship with God. Scripture declares, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” At this very moment of conversion, one has passed through Spiritual Immigration, from the devil unto God.

Why then, when we have been given a new birth by God Himself, do we wish to yet cleave to the old man, old ways, and desire not to embrace the new? Why do we believe that now that we have been placed into fellowship with God, by Christ, that we should try to bring with us those things which kept us out of fellowship with God? Do we not grieve the Spirit in trying to doing so? How is it that when we know God does not like that which we have been saved from (sin), do we think He will somehow accept it now within Himself, simply because we refuse to let it go?

Dear Christian, do we not see this as spiritual hypocrisy, as we claim to thank God for allowing us to spiritually migrate from the land of Satan to the land of God, only to desire the things of the land of Satan over the things of the land of God; further acting as if God doesn’t care that we desire sin over righteousness. God help us as professing Christians, to not hold on to our sins as we Spiritually Immigrate, by the hand of God, from the desert of Satan into the holy land of God.

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