Missed Opportunities

What you are about to read is actual events, but the names have been changed to protect the innocent. (I think this came from a television program.)

I know a girl we shall call Sally. Sally knows a guy we shall call John. Apparently they have known each other for a while (just friends, mind you), but I have only recently met John when we were over at Sally’s house working on some things she needed done.

We needed some material from Lowe’s, so John asked me if I would like to ride. I said sure, and we head off. On the way there I asked him if he went to church around here anywhere (which is not anywhere close to where I live). He said the last time that he went to church was when he was back home at his grandmother’s church. He said, “I keep hoping Sally will invite me.”

Instantly, this stunned me.

Not because he hadn’t been to church, for I could easily condemn him and ask why he hasn’t just invited himself or found another church to go to. If he really wanted to go to church wouldn’t he just go?

Not because Sally hadn’t asked him, for I could easily condemn her for not being a Christian witness and for knowing this guy and never asking him to go to church with her. Apparently never witnessing either, or surely church would have entered somewhere into the conversation.

I was stunned for I began to wonder how many Missed Opportunities have I had? How many times have I passed up the opportunity to witness and how many people have I failed to invite to church or share with them the glorious gospel of salvation found through faith by grace in the Lord Jesus Christ?

How many Missed Opportunities have been on purpose (due to laziness, afraid, too busy, etc.) and how many have been without even realizing it (due to being in my own world, not spiritually minded, not in a state of prayer, not in tune with the Spirit of God, etc.)?

By this incident, may I learn from my mistakes and may God forgive me and make me more aware of the spiritual warfare and lost souls around me.

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