Seeing Our Sins In Others

I initially thought of this concerning one point, but now I believe I have come to realize two observations which can be taken from this thought. Or, at least I have been thinking of the following:

1] Scripture speaks about getting the beam out of your own eye before trying to get the mote out of another’s eye [Matthew 7]. With this in mind, and the observation that most of us find it easier to locate, examine, and point out another’s faults (sins) over our own, I would like to consider the idea that maybe we could actually use this to our own benefit.

I realize, at first, this may sound contradictory to Scripture and that I might be suggesting that we should go around judging others and expounding to them concerning all of their sins that they need to repent of. Actually, what I am considering does include judging, but of self with the help of others.

My suggestion to myself is that when I see what I believe to be sin (or more importantly what Scripture deems as sin) in another’s life (by actions seen), I should first examine myself and see if I hold the same sin in my life. If, upon honest examination of myself, I find that I do indeed also have this sin (or thoughts/actions) in my life, I should take what I would rather tell/give the other person and apply it to myself first. By this, I should be able to bring myself to repentance, by reminding myself that I and the one whom I have mentally judged are both sinners and both need repentance toward God and forgiveness of sins we equally commit. This way, I can focus on the fact that I am not okay in my sin or simply better than this person whom I am quick to judge, but that we are both equally short of the glory of God in our thoughts and actions. We both need the grace and mercy of God found in the atonement for sin provided by Jesus Christ, through putting faith in His work and not our own.

2] Another thought I suppose is when we see sins in persons (children or adults) which resemble our own. What I mean is when we see the expressions, thoughts, and actions of children, teenagers, and adults which appeared to be close or (for some reason or another) look up to us as an example. Are we giving them the proper example, or are we causing others to sin because they are watching us and we fail (because we don’t study to know better, or know better but simply fail to act better). Basically are we teaching them to sin or do right by our example?

I realize that their eyes should be on Scripture and the example of Christ, but I dare say there is most likely no one among us that does not look to someone (whether truly consciously or not) and mimic their ideas and actions as our own if we, by chance, consider them to be above us in intelligence, prestige, spirituality, etc. (even though that may only be our personal perception based on nothing at all).

In both of these thoughts, I can’t help but see if we would first examine ourselves with the sin we easily find in others, we could not only help our own spiritual condition and Christian walk, but also find love and compassion to help others with the same.

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