CHRISTIAN OUT is currently more of an idea or concept than an organization or campaign.

Some may wonder why there is a need to ask Christians to “Come out”, for indeed there seems to be no short supply of television evangelists, churches on every corner, and religious activism across the nation, but real Christianity, true to the Scriptures Christianity, may not be as wide spread as we would hope or like to think it is. This is a call for personal individual Biblical conviction Christianity and not denominational and religious ideals. Are we failing by looking at the numbers of enrollment and loosing sight of the individual lives?

The idea was drawn from Mr. Richard Dawkins’Scarlet Letter”, OUT Campaign, which I am fully aware is an atheist. In Mr. Dawkins’ campaign, he calls atheists to Come OUT, Reach OUT, Speak OUT, Keep OUT, and Stand OUT. Although the idea originated from the initial view of Mr. Dawkins’ campaign site, CHRISTIAN OUT has little to do with atheism and more to do with a deeper more personal relationship with Jesus Christ concerning our Christian walk in our daily lives as Believers.

In a recent (Jun 2007) Gallup Poll, 86% believe in God, yet only 57% believe religion is important in their lives, with 27% claiming fairly important and 16% claiming not very important. Concerning Scripture, 32% believe the Bible is “the actual word of God and is to be taken literally, word for word” whereas 45% believe Scripture is “the inspired word of God but not everything in it should be taken literally”. So we have 86% that believe in God, 77% that believe in the Bible, and only 57% believe it is important? The numbers don’t seem to add up with the current display of characteristics clearly in violation of Scripture by what would appear to be the majority of persons today.

My desire is that we, as Christians, may each have a personal, individual, Observable Underlying Testimony of Christianity that can be seen by the world around us, without even a word having to be spoken at all. Not that we should not speak of the things of God, but that our inward spirit and outward walk should match our words.